Upper Limb Problems

 FES can help with both arm and hand rehabilitation and is suitable for:

  •  StrokeBioness H200 Stimulator
  • Head Injury
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury
  • Other neurological conditions

Benefits of FES Hand and Arm Rehabilitation

Bioness H200 StimulatorElectrical stimulation may achieve the following benefits when used as part of an individual therapy program:

  •  Improving function: Weakened muscles may be strengthened and re-educated by using FES at home to achieve your desired functional goal.
  • Reducing spasticity: Sometimes increased tone/spasticity can prevent functional use of the arm/hand.  FES can be used to help reduce the tone and promote better functional use of the arm/hand. It can also be use to help open a  ‘clenched fist’ or to help to prevent a ‘bent arm’ whilst walking.
  • Reducing pain: Proven to alleviate pain arising from subluxation of the shoulder joint. It can also help to reduce tone in a muscle and prevent any build up of pain in the area from the tightened muscle.
  • Preventing muscle wasting: Proven to increase muscle bulk.


  •  Initial assessment may take up to 1.5 hours
  • Opportunity to trial the stimulator to experience the benefits.
  • Discussion of the stimulator  which would best suit your needs


  • Upper Limb FES SystemWe will provide full  teaching and support to enable you to confidently  use the stimulator at home to achieve maximum benefit.
  • An individualised, goal orientated programme of rehabilitation may be provided.
  • Follow up support monitoring both the stimulation and exercise programme  ensures you progress  towards your treatment goals.
  • Hands-on therapy may be provided when necessary.
  • We are always happy to work with your therapist, carer or partner  to help with your rehabilitation  programme.
  • The number of reviews will vary depending on your specific program and your needs (e.g. some people choose weekly or monthly reviews for a pre-determined period depending on progress achieved).


“My arm is much more relaxed since using my FES even when I am walking which helps my balance” –  R. Fawcett, Wigan.

How much does it cost?

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