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Welcome to FES Northwest Ltd

What is FES?

Copy of DSC01726Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a safe technique that is used to produce muscle contractions to assist your walking or arm movement.  Small electrical impulses pass through the skin and activate the nerve that lies beneath the skin which controls the muscles it supplies.  FES devices are stimulators with a trigger to ensure that stimulation occurs when most needed and provides the muscle with the correct amount of stimulus to produce a contraction.


FES North West

  • FES North West Ltd are clinical specialists in the provision of Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy (FES).
  • All our clinicians are chartered neurological physiotherapists and have specialised  in the  field of FES rehabilitation.
  • We specialise in the treatment of Foot Drop and other walking problems using up to date innovative technology.
  • Electrical stimulation therapy can also help to assist in arm rehabilitation and restoration of function use.
  • We have over 20 years experience  and are able to provide a comprehensive range of FES systems  both for walking and arm rehabilitation.
  • We are able to give you the time needed and totally independent advice  to
    ensure that you choose the correct system for your needs.
  • Our after care ensures you achieve the most from using your fes system  correctly and efficiently over the years to come.Pace Foot Drop Stimulator

“I am now working again, without my FES  this would not be possible… thank you for all your help.”  –  B. Bushby, Cumbria